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“We bring learning to student

Instead of student to learning”

We seek to provide quality professional classes to the masses all across India & abroad at much affordable cost at comfort of their home. Our Faculties are perfect educationist, who know how to grab mind of learners. The cost of courses offered by us at is much affordable as compared to face-to-face class options.

Videos have a very effluent binding effect on the mind & soul of students. Students get involved as if they are present live in class. Query does not arise in our methodology of teaching. Still we extend great help in solving queries over phone & e-mail’s.

The size, standard, duration and quality of coaching imparted will be unmatched and unprecedented. It will be exclusive, exhaustive and result oriented. The conceptual explanations will be duly supported by problems specially selected from Institute’s study material, reference material, past examinations and revision test papers. The problems selected will not only be from various professional examinations held in India but also from around the world, covering the past and probing into the feature.

As our lecture run completely offline, it can be conveniently played any time, any where without incurring any charges for internet & without facing any difficulty of video buffering and slow speed of internet.   


Q1:   What is STUDY AT HOME?
A: is a leading online portal dedicated to provide pre-recorded lectures & books for CA, CS & CMA courses. Their teams of senior strategists consist of CA, CS, CMA & MBA who are perfect educationist. They have a backing of several years of experience in shaping the world of Education. They are on the cusp of modern trends, new technologies and new ways to deliver education effectively and creatively.

Q2:   What can I buy from STUDY AT HOME?
A:  Top quality video lectures with physical book or e-book from reputed faculties of India. You can also buy books and scanners for CA, CS & CMA courses.

Q3:   How are STUDY AT HOME video Lectures delivered?
A:  Pen Drives/ DVD’s of appropriate size containing all video lectures are sent at your address. You also get a software – SAH Play that allows you to decrypt video and play all the videos.

Q4:   On what devices can I play the videos?
A:  It plays on Windows Desktop PC / Laptop/ Android Tablet/ Android Mobile.

Q5:   Can I play the videos on my PC, Tablet and Phone - all at the same time?
A:  If you have bought a subject, you can play it only on any one of the devices you have. If the system is changed, formatted or software is uninstalled, key issued shall not work. If you have bought for PC and you want to play on your tablet as well, it is possible but you will need to purchase a separate license for your tablet. Please call STUDY AT HOME sales for further information on fees to be paid.

Q6:   Do I need Internet connection to view the Video Lectures?
A:  No, you do not need internet connection. Our software does not require internet connection.

Q7:   Can I try STUDY AT HOME products before I buy?
A:  Yes, you can view the sample video lectures listed on On the home page, please click on "Shop" and select subject you are interested in. You will find sample videos which you can watch. For full video package, you will have to place an order.

Q8:   How many days it will take to deliver my order?
A:  4-7 working days. You will be sent an email keeping you updated on the status of your order. Once shipped, you will be provided with a tracking number.

Q9:   I have received my pen drives, can I use the videos straightaway?
A:  No, the videos are encrypted, you will need to install SAH Play software on your PC/ Tablet/ Smart Phone before you can play the videos. The software will be shipped along with the Video Lectures and necessary technical support will be provided if necessary.

Q10:   What is the validity period of lectures bought?
A:  Lectures will run for 1 year from the date of activation.

Q11:   Can I run lectures for unlimited hours in 1 year span?
A:  No, lectures can be run for only 4 times of the total lecture hours. For e.g. if total lecture duration is 100 hours, you can watch for 400 hours only in 1 year period. If total lecture duration is 130 hours, you can watch for 520 hours only in 1 year period. That means you get enough viewing time for completing course and repeated revisions.

Q12:   I have a question not answered here; want to ask a question.
A:  Please email us at or call directly at our customer care number +91-8737012345 and we will be pleased to answer your questions.