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Paper 7 - Direct Tax Laws And International Taxation Regular AY 2021-22 for May/ Nov 2021 Exam (CA Final Group II) Mobile App by CA Bhanwar Borana

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1. What Is The Subject wise duration Of lectures?
Total 210 Hours in Direct Tax Laws And International Taxation

2. What will be the credit hours for each views ?
  1.5 Times Views - 350 Hours
  1.75 Times Views - 400 Hours
  2 Times Views - 450 Hours

3. Do Videos Work On All Devices?
To watch videos on iOS, you need iOS version 10 or above, and for Android, you need version 8 or above. However, there are few devices that are not supported because of few security reasons.
1. Lenovo K3 Note
2. Lenovo K5 Note
3. Asus ZenFone
4. Xiaomi Redmi 4A
5. Other Redmi Models
6. Lava P
7. honor
8. Redmi Note 9 Pro
9. RealMe 6
10. POCO M2 Pro
The above list is also device-specific which means some phones of the above models can support App content, while others may have issues. If you have any of the above-mentioned devices, we will advise you to play one of the free videos in the app on your device before going for a Premium plan

4. Where Will I Be Able To See The Duration, Credit Hours, Validity In The App?
Duration & credit hours of the course are visible in the app. Click on ‘Go Premium’ in the profile section and then choose the relevant course, all the details will be visible to you.

5. On How Many Devices Can I Play The Videos At A Single Point Of Time?
You can log in through 2 devices with the same credentials at the same time but can’t watch the videos on both the devices simultaneously. If you try to log in from the third device, you need to logout from either of the existing 2 devices. If we see an unusual login attempt to the 3rd device, your account will be flagged or permanently blocked.

6. Will The Videos Be Available On Bigger Screens Like Laptops, PC, And TV?
Due to security concerns, we won’t be able to provide big-screen access to videos. They will be accessible only on Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from the Google Play store/ App store to watch the videos.

7. Can I Watch The Videos Offline?
Yes, you can save the video you want to and find them under ‘Saved Videos’ on the home screen as well as on the ‘Prepare Screen’ in the App.

8. How Many Times Can I Watch Video Lectures On the App?
A fixed number of credit hours are allotted to every subject. That means you can play the video content for the allotted duration of credit hours. You will have complete control over how you use your credit hours. Once your credit hours are over, your pack will expire.

9. Will My Pack Expire If I Finish My Credit Hours With Remaining Time Validity?
Yes, your pack will expire if you exhaust all your credit hours even if you have some remaining time validity.

10. How Does Credit Hours Deduction Work? Or How Do Credit Hours Work?
Credit Hours is basically your watch time for any video which you access through our app. Suppose, you watch a 15-minute video for just 5 minutes and stop, then, only 5 minutes of your total credit hours will be deducted.

11. Does Increasing The Watch Speed Of A Video Affect My Credit Hours?
Yes, it does. When you increase the speed of a video the credit hours get multiplied with the speed. For example – if you watch a 10-minute video in 5 minutes by increasing its speed, then the credit hours deducted will be 10, which is the actual duration of the video.

12. How Will My Credit Hours Be Affected If I Download The Video And Play It Offline?
If you watch the downloaded video offline, then once you come online, the same amount of credit hours will get deducted for which the video was watched offline.

13. Does Changing My Registered Mobile Number Affect My Account?
Your account is registered primarily with the email id used during registration. The verification of phone number and association with email helps in faster login and enhances security. We strongly recommend you to use a valid mobile number and not to change it for a smoother experience

14. What Will Happen To My Plan If I Lose My Phone Or Buy A New Phone?
Your Plan is associated with your registered Email address which was used during the purchase of your subscription. Even if you change your device, all your data, bookmarks, tests and usage is safe on the cloud. Log in to your new device and you will be good to go from where you left off. NOTE: There is no option to change your registered Email address.