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What is a Cost & Management Accountant?

CMA is recognised as one of the most important management accounting and financial management courses. ICMAI CMA course verifies that the candidate has a thorough understanding of cost planning, financial planning, cost analysis, cost control, financial analysis, and decision-making.

CMA course qualifies professionals for a wide range of professions such as – cost accounting, financial management, auditing, and much more.

Criteria for CMA

CMA Foundation Course Eligibility

  • The candidate must have passed a recognised board or institution’s class 10 or equivalent exam in order to get admission to CMA Foundation.

  • A candidate is eligible to appear for the exam if he/she has passed the Senior Secondary Examination under the 10+2 scheme from a recognised board.

CMA Intermediate Course Eligibility

  • The candidate must have passed the Senior Secondary School Examination (10+2) and CMA Foundation Course of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India


  • Candidate should be graduate in any discipline other than Fine Arts/ Foundation (Entry Level) Part I Examination of CAT of the Institute/ Foundation (Entry Level) Part I Examination and Competency Level Part II Examination of CAT of the Institute.


  • Passed Foundation of ICSI/Intermediate of ICAI along with Class 10+2

CMA Final Course Eligibility

  • The candidate should have passed the CMA Intermediate examination.

  • The candidate must have a current registration number

  • The candidate should have completed the CMA Final course’s required training.

  • The candidate should not be disqualified from taking the CMA Final Course Exam.

CMA Direct Admission

  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline other than fine Arts.
  • The candidate must have qualified CAT/ICSI Foundation/ ICAI Intermediate.

CMA Registration Fee

The fees for CMA certification vary depending on the types of courses.

CMA Foundation Course Fee

The registration fee for CMA Foundation is Rs. 6,000 which can be paid via online or postal mode – Click here to Apply

CMA Intermediate Course Fee

The registration fee for CMA Intermediate is Rs. 22,000 which can be paid in two installments via online or postal mode – Click here to Apply

CMA Final Course Fee

The registration fee for CMA Final is Rs. 25,000 which can be paid in two installments via online or postal mode – Click here to Apply

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Syllabus for CMA

For CMA 2022 Syllabus – Click Here

CMA Study Material

CMA 2022 Syallabus Study Material

CMA Foundation 2022 Syllabus Study Material – Click here

CMA Intermediate 2022 Syllabus Study Material – Click here

CMA Final 2022 Syllabus Study Material – Click here

Subjects for CMA Course

There are 4 Papers in CMA Foundation Programme
There are 8 Papers divided into 2 Modules in CMA Intermediate 2022 Programme
There are 7 Papers divided into 2 Modules in CMA Final 2022 Programme

CMA Foundation 2022

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Paper 1 – Fundamentals of Business Laws And Business Communication
Paper 2 – Fundamentals of Financial And Cost Accounting
Paper 3 – Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics
Paper 4 – Fundamentals of Business Economics and Management

CMA Intermediate

CMA Intermediate 2022 Syllabus - 8 Papers

CMA Intermediate 2022 Syllabus – 8 Papers

Module I (4 Papers)
Paper 5 – Business Laws and Ethics
Paper 6 – Financial Accounting
Paper 7 – Direct and Indirect Taxation
Paper 8 – Cost Accounting

Module II (4 Papers)
Paper 9 – Operations Management & Strategic Management
Paper 10 – Corporate Accounting And Auditing
Paper 11 – Financial Management and Business Data Analytics
Paper 12 – Management Accounting

CMA Final

CMA Final 2022 Syllabus – 7 Papers

Paper 13 – Corporate And Economic Laws
Paper 14 – Strategic Financial Management
Paper 15 – Direct Tax Laws And International Taxation
Paper 16 – Strategic Cost Management

Paper 17 – Cost And Management Audit
Paper 18 – Corporate Financial Reporting
Paper 19 – Indirect Tax Laws And Practice

Paper 20A – Strategic Performance Management And Business Valuation
Paper 20B – Risk Management In Banking And Insurance
Paper 20C – Entrepreneurship And Start Up

CMA Examination

CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate & CMA Final Examination is conducted twice a year in the month June and December.

CMA Examination Fee

Foundation – 1200/-
Intermediate Programme – Rs. 1200/- per Module
Final Programme -Rs. 1400/- per Module

Last date for submission of application for appearing in the examination

For June Exam – 10th April

For December Exam – 10th September 

Medium of Examination

The Institute allows facility to students to appear in examination in English as well as in Hindi.

Qualifying Marks

A candidate is declared to have passed the Foundation / Intermediate/ Final examination, if he/she secures at one sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and 50% marks in the aggregate of all subjects.

Previous Year Question Papers

CMA Previous Year Question Papers – Click here

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