CS Executive (Old Syllabus) Both Module I & II – All Subjects Combo

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Which is the last attempt for CS Executive old syllabus?

A. The last attempt for the CS Executive old syllabus will be in June 2024. From December 2024 onwards, all CS Executive Programme exams will be based on the new syllabus (2022) only.

If you are currently registered under the old syllabus, you can still appear for the exams up to June 2024. However, if you do not clear all the papers by then, you will have to switch to the new syllabus. If you have any existing exemptions under the old syllabus, you will still be eligible for those exemptions under the new syllabus. So, to clear CS Executive Old Syllabus, enroll in Study At Home’s CS Executive Both Modules Combo of Old Syllabus.

Q. What is the difference between old syllabus and new syllabus CS Executive?

A. The CS Executive Programme has been updated for a more current focus. Changes include fewer subjects, a mix of question types emphasizing real-world application of legal and financial principles, and a deeper exploration of topics. While the new syllabus is more challenging, it keeps students updated on the latest laws. If you’re enrolling, it’s best to prepare for exams based on the new syllabus, understanding modern legal and financial requirements for company secretaries. If you’re following the old syllabus, continue until June 2024; however, you must shift to the new syllabus if you haven’t cleared all papers by then. So, to clear this, go for CS Executive Both Modules Combo of Old Syllabus.

Q. Is CA or CS better?

A. Choosing between Chartered Accountancy (CA) and Company Secretaryship (CS) depends on what you like and where you see yourself in the future. CAs focus on money stuff like reporting, auditing, and taxes, working in different places like companies or the government. On the other hand, CSs are into making sure companies follow rules, managing records, and handling meetings. Think about what you enjoy – if it’s numbers and taxes, CA might be your thing. If you like keeping companies in check and doing administrative work, CS could be for you. Study At Home Classes can help you get ready for both CA and CS careers, with experienced teachers, good study materials, and flexible learning options. Check them out to move closer to your professional dreams!




  1. CA Raj K Agrawal
  2. CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor
  3. CA Shilpum Khanna
  4. CA Prakash Rai

13 reviews for CS Executive (Old Syllabus) Both Module I & II – All Subjects Combo

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    One of the best available teacher if you want to study from home join studyathome.

    Go for RAJ Sir pendrive classes. He is very good and you will get all your preparation done at your place without suffering from loss of commuting time

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    sulekha kohali

    Sir Hi, aapka course khareed kar mujhe bahut fayda hua. Sab kuch aaram se samajh me aa jata hai

  3. Avatar for Study At Home

    uttam varma

    your lecturing strategies ,and methodologies were very useful and the memory lingers on .Thank you

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    ankit sahani

    will give this course a full 5 – star to this course. The lectures are in very simple language & easy to understand. Glad to choose Study at home for my CA preparation

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    Riya Sonkar

    Sir, course is very good. Please start online classes.

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    Vishal Gond

    Thank You for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today.

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    Avinash Singh

    This course is super useful. It helped me a lot in my exam preparations. Thank you So much.

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    Trisha Mehta

    all educator are unique for me

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    Rati Chandra

    Learning with Study at home made studies interesting

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    Naina Pandey

    Everything is great in Study at home I loved it…such a great teacher in decent price… hat’s off to you

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    I highly recommend this course, everything is explained in very easy manner.

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    I am very happy that I bought this course, if anybody is thinking about purchasing this course, you can just go for it , highly recommended!!

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    Bhavya Shah

    The CS Executive All Subjects Combo by Study at Home is worth every penny, providing a one-stop solution for CS Executive students with its well-organized study materials and valuable resources.

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