Paper 1 – Advanced Accounting (CA Intermediate Group I New Syllabus) by CA Parveen Sharma


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Advanced Accounting by CA Parveen Sharma
  • No. of Sessions – 120 Lectures Approx. (2.7 hrs. Each)
  • Duration – 325 Hours Approx.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is best teacher for CA Inter Advanced Accounts?

A. CA Parveen Sharma is highly respected as a CA Inter Advanced Accounts teacher for a few reasons. First, he knows a lot about Advanced Accounting and always keeps up with the newest changes. Second, he teaches in a way that’s easy to understand. He breaks down tough concepts, uses real-life examples, and encourages students to join in discussions. Third, he has helped many students excel in their exams.. Fourth, his study materials cover everything students need to know, including practice questions and tests. Finally, he cares about his students’ success and gives them personal attention and support. CA Parveen Sharma is a good choice because of his knowledge, teaching style, and track record.

Q. How to study CA Inter Advanced Accounting?

A. Conquering CA Inter Advanced Accounting needs a smart plan, hard work, and good resources. To excel, follow these steps: First, make a study timetable giving enough time for this subject. Then, focus on important and hard parts like consolidation and lease accounting. Look into CA Parveen Sharma Sir‘s classes as he’s known for great teaching. Understand concepts well instead of just memorizing. Practice regularly by solving problems. Revise often and keep a steady pace. Discuss with classmates and ask for help when needed. Make sure you know basic accounting well before moving on.

Moreover, apply what you learn to real-life situations. Work on your analytical skills and time management. Don’t forget to take care of yourself by sleeping well and managing stress. Stay positive and believe in yourself. Consider CA Parveen Sharma Advanced Accounting classes because he teaches very well, and many students have succeeded with his guidance. Also remember, consistent effort and good guidance are key to success in CA Inter Advanced Accounting.


About Faculty

Parveen Sharma, a Chartered Accountant, graduated from Delhi University with outstanding performance in both Intermediate and Finals. In addition to achieving top ranks, he also secured a perfect score of 100% in Accountancy, making him the highest scorer in Delhi University.


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