Paper 10 – Corporate Accounting & Auditing (CMA Inter Group II) by CA Raj K Agrawal & by CA Chahak Bahal

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Is internship necessary for CMA?

A. Yes, CMA requires an internship. It is a mandatory part of the CMA qualification process. The internship helps students gain practical experience in cost and management accounting and apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.
To be eligible for internship, students must have passed the CMA Intermediate exam. During the internship, students must work under the guidance of a qualified CMA practitioner. During the internship, students will engage in a variety of cost and management accounting tasks.

Q. Is CMA Articleship paid?

A. Certainly, CMA articleship is a paid opportunity, and the stipend varies by year, typically ranging from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000. While gaining practical experience during the articleship, this stipend supports by covering living and travel expenses. Factors such as the size and location of the employer’s firm, as well as your experience, can influence the stipend amount. Preparing for your articleship, particularly in complex yet vital subjects, entails practical learning and gaining insights from seasoned professionals, ultimately shaping your career in this field.

Q. Is BCom compulsory for CMA?

A. You don’t need a BCom degree to become a CMA, after your 10+2, you can start the CMA program. Some jobs may ask for BCom, though. CMA requirements include 10+2, passing the Foundation Course exam, three years of practical experience in cost and management accounting, and passing the CMA Inter and CMA Final exams. BCom grads might skip the Foundation Course, but they still must meet other criteria. While not essential, a BCom background helps in CMA studies, which are important. Study hard, use good materials, and take good classes if needed and go for Study At Home Classes to get best classes and educators at affordable prices.

Q. How to prepare CMA Inter Accounts & Auditing?

A. Getting ready for CMA Inter Accounts & Auditing needs a careful approach. Start by planning your study schedule wisely. Join the Study At Home CMA Inter Accounts & Auditing course led by CA Raj K Agrawal and CA Chahak Bahal for a complete learning experience. Use various resources to understand the topics better. Focus on understanding the concepts, practice regularly, and revise consistently. Work with your peers, ask for help when needed, and stay positive. For Accounts, master the basics, and for Auditing, focus on standards and analytical skills. Take care of yourself, stay dedicated, be consistent, and with the right guidance, you’ll confidently move towards success.


About Faculty

CA Raj K Agrawal qualified Chartered Accountancy in 2008 with All India 27th rank in CA Final and All India 29th rank in CA Foundation. He has been a consistent topper during his school and college life. He did his schooling at Sunbeam School Bhagwanpur and Graduation from DAV Degree College affiliated to BHU Varanasi. Later he did Certificate Course on GST conducted by the Indirect Taxes Committee of ICAI in 2018. Indeed he is endowed with the passion of winning as evinced through demonstrated excellence in Academics, Teaching Career Entrepreneurship.
While, CA Chahak Bahal is a highly esteemed and qualified Chartered Accountant who has not only achieved excellence in his field but also dedicated himself to imparting knowledge to aspiring CA and CMA students. Her passion for teaching is reflected in the genuine love and admiration she receives from her students. With a wealth of practical experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the accounting and finance profession, CA Chahak Bahal is known for making complex concepts accessible and understandable to her students. Her teaching style goes beyond textbooks, incorporating real-world examples and case studies to provide a holistic learning experience. Her commitment to the success of his students, combined with his approachable and supportive demeanor, has earned him a reputation as a beloved and respected figure in the education community. As a mentor, CA Chahak Bahal not only imparts technical knowledge but also instills a sense of confidence and professionalism in her students, preparing them not just for exams but for successful careers in the dynamic world of finance and accounting.

3 reviews for Paper 10 – Corporate Accounting & Auditing (CMA Inter Group II) by CA Raj K Agrawal & by CA Chahak Bahal

  1. Avatar for Study At Home

    Harsh Shah

    Must purchase course for CMA Inter students, very well organized and interesting contents for making your preparation strong.

  2. Avatar for Study At Home

    Mantosh Yadav

    Believe me, you are getting a million dollar class in just 4k! Raj Sir will not just help you in passing the exams but becoming the best CMA in the market. Can’t thank enough to Study At Home!

  3. Avatar for Study At Home

    Shraddha Srivastava

    I enrolled for Corporate Accounting and Auditing by Raj Sir and Chahak mam and I must say ki ye one of the best classes hain which helped me get thorough understanding of the subject.

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