Paper 19 – Indirect Tax Laws and Practice (CMA Final Group IV) by CA Vishal Bhattad


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Pre-Recorded Videos


Windows, Android

Lecture Duration

170 Hours





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Single Device



Course Highlights:

  • Regular In-Depth Batch – Live + Recorded batch starting from 15-SEP-2023
  • 100% syllabus coverage as per the module
  • Unlimited Course Validity
  • Approx 60 lectures @ 170 hrs for total syllabus completion

Study Material:

  • GST & Custom Regular Modules
  • GST & Custom Regular Questioner
  • GST & Custom Chart Book & Wallchart

System Requirements:

  • Window System – Classes run on Windows laptop & Desktop PC
  • Configuration: Window 7 Ultimate, Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Processor –Intel core 3, 2.0 GHz, 3GB RAM, 20% Free Space on C Drive.
  • Android System – Mobile/Tablet Version 6 & above Devices
  • Note1: Motorola Mobile/Tablet not supported with video lectures
  • Note2: Not supported to Mac, Apple PC or Tablet
Frequently Added Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is the best IDT faculty for CMA final?

A. CA Vishal Bhattad is known as a top IDT (Income Direct Taxes) teacher for CMA Final because he’s really good at it. He knows a lot about Indian tax laws and explains things in a way that’s easy to understand. What makes him special is that he doesn’t just teach theory; he shows how it works in real life. He uses practical examples and problems to make learning easier. Students like him because he makes complex tax stuff simple. His students do well in exams, thanks to his clear teaching, and he’s always ready to help them out. So, if you’re preparing for the CMA Final IDT exam, CA Vishal Bhattad IDT course is a great choice to learn from because he makes a tough subject easier to tackle.

Q. Is 2 months enough for CMA final?

A. Preparing for the CMA Final exam in just two months is a challenge, especially considering the complexity of the subjects. If you have a background in accounting and finance, it could be a bit easier. The key is to create a solid plan, focus on the tougher topics, use good study materials, and practice regularly. Understanding concepts is more crucial than memorizing, and consistent practice enhances your ability to answer questions. If you’re struggling with anything, don’t hesitate to seek help. For additional support, you might want to consider Study At Home Classes, which offers experienced teachers, a structured study plan, and personalized assistance to increase your readiness for the exam. It could be a valuable resource to improve your chances of success in these two months.

Q. Is CMA final easy or hard?

A. The CMA Final exam can be tough, testing your understanding of complex subjects like corporate finance and decision-making. It’s challenging due to a broad syllabus covering financial planning, investment management, and more. You need deep knowledge, not just memorization, to succeed. The exam questions ask you to apply what you know to real-world situations, requiring critical thinking and problem-solving. Managing time during the exam adds to the difficulty. But with Study At Home Classes, you get the support you need. Their courses cover everything, from in-depth subject knowledge to practical application and personalized help. Moreover, they even teach you strategies to handle the exam effectively. So, joining Study At Home Classes can give you the confidence and skills to ace the CMA Final exam and become a certified management accountant.


About Faculty

CA Vishal Bhattad is a Chartered Accountant by Profession, but his true calling is in the classroom. Because of his expertise, experience, and aptitude with indirect taxes, he is well-known among CA students all throughout India.


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