Paper 2B – Logical Reasoning (CSEET) by Ankit Srivastava

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Do I need to cover the entire syllabus for CSEET preparation?

A. To ace the CSEET, cover all subjects like business communication and legal aptitude. A structured study plan, good materials, and understanding concepts are vital. Moreover, Recognize how subjects connect, practice regularly, and consider Study At Home’s CSEET Classes for expert guidance. Also, stay dedicated to boost your success in becoming a Company Secretary.

Q. What is the weightage of logical reasoning in Cseet?

A. The total marks of logical reasoning in CSEET is 20% of the total marks for the Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning section, which is 25 marks. So, the logical reasoning section of the CSEET assesses a candidate’s ability to analyze information, identify patterns, draw inferences, and solve problems using logical reasoning techniques. Furthermore, Company Secretaries often need to make informed decisions based on complex data and legal frameworks, making this skill essential.

Q. What are the topics for logical reasoning in Cseet?

A. In the CSEET logical reasoning section, you’ll tackle various topics testing your ability to analyze info and solve problems using logic. These include understanding relationships, categorizing information, drawing conclusions, spotting patterns, and interpreting verbal data. So, practice regularly to grasp these concepts and build the skills needed for success in the CSEET exam. Moreover, go through the previos year paper for better understanding of topics.


About Faculty

Ankit Srivastava Sir, a dedicated and experienced teacher, focuses on helping his students pass their exams by prioritizing conceptual understanding and simplifying complex topics with ease. Countless students have achieved academic success thanks to his expertise in numerous subjects. Experience his amazing teaching style by enrolling in his CSEET Logical Reasoning classes.

5 reviews for Paper 2B – Logical Reasoning (CSEET) by Ankit Srivastava

  1. Avatar for Study At Home

    Vivek Kumar

    Thankyou so much sir 😇 Your lectures helped me a lot in my preparation 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Avatar for Study At Home

    Mudit Gupta

    I have been one of the luckiest students on the face of this earth to have had you as my phenomenal teacher! I thank you with all my heart.🙏🙏

  3. Avatar for Study At Home

    Vishal Kumar

    Awesome course material. Thank you Study at home

  4. Avatar for Study At Home

    Madan Kumar

    This course is super useful

  5. Avatar for Study At Home

    Aditi Singh

    Ankit Sir के Logical Reasoning from Study at Home ने मेरे CSEET की तैयारी को आसान बना दिया है, क्योंकि यह न केवल Logical के मुद्दों को completely कवर करता है बल्कि thoughtsऔर mental Reasoning क्षमताओं को विकसित करता है।

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