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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. What is Derpo trading?

A. DERPO Trading is a course by Sanjay Saraf Sir, helping people learn about trading in different market situations. It uses various strategies using derivatives and stocks to make profits or protect investments. It’s good for people who already know about derivatives and basic options trading. The course teaches about different trading methods for different markets, like when it’s going up, down, or staying steady. It’s important to know that trading, especially with derivatives, is risky, so be careful and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Always research well and maybe talk to a financial expert before making big decisions. So, do check out the Sanjay Saraf Derpo Trading Course.

Q. What are the 4 types of trading?

A. In the Indian stock market, people do four types of trading. First is intraday trading, where they buy and sell stocks on the same day. Second is delivery trading, where they buy stocks to keep for a long time. Third is swing trading, where they hold stocks for a few days to weeks to make money from short-term changes in prices. Fourth is futures and options trading, where they trade contracts giving the right to buy or sell stocks at a set price in the future. To learn more about these types of trading and how to do well in the stock market, you can take Sanjay Saraf DERPO Trading course. Moreover, it teaches about derivatives, equity, managing risks, and optimizing portfolios for different market situations in India.


Derpo Trading – Building Trades using Strategies in Futures & Options

Traditionally diversification via combining asset classes and /or securities loosely correlated with each other has been the mainstream of the asset management industry( Mutual fund and PMS). However they suffer from the flaw that the entire portfolio so created is having positive beta exposure and falls when the market falls…so we do not enjoy diversification benefit when it is most needed. After spending decades in observing markets both practically and academically via rich financial literature, we have come to recognize that the only solution to this problem lies in DERPO – a portfolio of derivative (futures & options) securities (equity, commodity, currency) with varied strategies designed to exploit one anomaly at a time while shielding the strategy from other exposures.

The concept of DERPO Trading is not at all averse to investing directly in underlying assets like equity or debt but it’s just that we intend to devote less fund towards the same and only where we find that derivatives are not efficiently available and /or there is high conviction based on our factor based models that there would be sound alpha generation through passive buy and hold strategy in a certain time horizon which is compatible with our funds investment horizon and we can with significant confidence identify the catalyst which will spur convergence between price vs intrinsic value. In-fact such buy and hold strategies will be optimized by smart timing decisions offered by our proprietary models focused on Technical, Quants as well as behavioral finance.

Sneak peek into some Options Trading Strategies

Option strategies with the intent of exploiting near term market inefficiency through strategies like delta gamma neutral portfolio may be constructed to bet on rise in implied volatility. Similarly trading

strategies using advanced knowledge of options like building a skew trading strategy to trade on flattening or steepening of the volatility skew while once again being neutral with respect to other Greeks. Such strategies typically are chasing uncorrelated sources of alpha and in doing so, they offer efficient and smart diversification. Some more popular strategies aim at capitalizing on moves on expiry day popularly known as expiry day trading strategy using options. Sometimes trades do go wrong, options in such cases do play a handy role in creating positions which lead to minimizing exposure. These trades are known as Trade Adjustment strategies.

DERPO TRADING – Training Module in Options Trading Strategies

We strictly believe that markets provide pockets of inefficiency in the short term on account of regulatory constraints, liquidity concerns, herd behavior and smart money influenced media rhetoric causing retail investors to keep on pumping money in overpriced markets or sectors on account of greed or selling in extremely depressed prices on account of fear. These inefficiencies can be exploited by deep research using big data analytics and artificial intelligence-the so called heuristics can be discovered to spot such inefficiencies and we deploy derivatives to exploit those efficiently knowing fully well that these will correct in the medium to long term and generate alpha. We know that research of this kind is a continuous process and fresh heuristic have to be discovered and existing heuristics re-calibrated and optimized in such a dynamic and evolving market. DERPO Trading Training Module is an exhaustive Options Trading Course which aims to integrate knowledge of Options and Advanced Options including Greeks (Delta, Rho, Gama, Vega, Theta) into building trading strategies which depending upon the philosophy aims at building hedging risk emanating of open positions or speculation or exploiting market inefficiencies to create leverage and wealth opportunities.

What You’ll Learn :

  • Buying Options vs. Selling Options
  • Option Profit & Loss Diagrams
  • Reading an Options Pricing Table
  • Option Moneyness (ITM, OTM & ATM)
  • Options Pricing & The “Greeks”
  • Options Expiration & Assignment
  • What’s Our “Edge” Trading Options?
  • Single vs. Multi‑Leg Options Strategies
  • Small Account Options Strategies
  • How to Generate Consistent Income Trading Options
  • Fearless, Confident Options Trading
  • Historical Volatility vs. Implied Volatility
  • Targeting Your Portfolio Returns
  • Predicting The Market’s Next Move
  • Trade Size & Capital Reserves
  • Scanning for the Best Stocks & Trading Setups
  • How to Choose the Best Options Strategy
  • How Far Out Should I Place Trades?
  • Strike Price Anchoring with Probabilities
  • Correctly Pricing Your Options Strategies
  • Developing a Daily Trading Routine
  • How to Avoid “Black Swan” Events
  • Importance of Adjusting & Hedging Options Trades
  • Exiting Options Trades Automatically
  • Options Strategies We Don’t Adjust (And Why) Big Picture Options Trading Adjustment Strategy
  • Knowing When to Adjust an Options Trade or NOT Complete Guide to Adjusting Straddles & Strangles
  • Complete Guide to Adjusting Credit Spreads, Iron Condors & Calendars Applying Smarter Stop Loss Orders Building a Diversified Options Portfolio
  • Rolling Options Trades for Duration & Premium Options Expiration Week Position Checklist & Guide How to Free Up Trading Margin & Cash
  • Running a Professional Options Trading Business
    Note : Derpo Trading is an Advance Options Trading Program so Prior basic knowledge of Derivatives is a MUST


About Faculty

Derpo Trading Classes by Sanjay Saraf is an excellent resource for students looking to learn Options and Derivatives Trading. Sanjay Saraf has 25 years of teaching experience with both domestic and international courses and is an experienced finance educator. His expertise lies in financial treasury, risk management, volatility trading, and business valuation through fundamental analysis.
Sanjay Saraf is renowned for his comprehensive knowledge of course material and exam tips, specifically for the trading classes. His study material, online classes, and review sessions are highly effective tools for Trading Enthusiasts.


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