CMA Foundation Result June 2024 – Date, Topper & Pass Percentage


The eagerly anticipated CMA Foundation Result for June 2024 is on the brink of release, signifying a pivotal moment for aspiring cost and management accountants. This guide covers all aspects of the CMA Foundation Result June 2024, including the declaration date, accessing procedures, passing criteria, and beneficial tips for future attempts.

Moreover, The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India (ICMAI) will officially announce the CMA Foundation result on July 11, 2024. To check their results, candidates must visit the official website, and input their 17-digit registration number on the ICMAI login portal.

CMA Foundation Result June 2024

Stay tuned for the official announcement as the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) is poised to unveil the CMA Foundation Result for June 2024. This outcome is crucial for candidates who undertook the exam that month, as it directly impacts their progress toward the esteemed CMA (Certified Management Accountant) course. The attainment of this certification is pivotal, as it sets the stage for a flourishing career in cost and management accounting. Notably, the ICMAI has officially declared that the CMA Foundation Result for June 2024 will be revealed on July 11, 2024.

CMA Foundation Result June 2024 – Important Dates

Here’s a table outlining the important ICMAI CMA foundation result June 2024 exam:

CMA Foundation June 2024 Exam – Important Dates
Particular Date
CMA Foundation Exam Date 2024 June 16, 2024
CA Foundation Result Date 2024 July 11, 2024
Answer Book Verification (To be confirmed by ICAI)
Apply for Inspection or Certified Copies of Answer books (To be confirmed by ICAI)

How to check CMA Foundation Result June 2024?

The ICMAI has officially announced that the CMA Foundation Result for June 2024 will be declared on July 11, 2024. Therefore, here’s a guide on how to check them once they become available:

Steps to check ICMA CMA Foundation Result June 2024:

The good news is finally here for all the candidates who took the ICMAI CMA Foundation exam in June 2024. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) has announced the CMA Foundation result date 2024 as July 11th, tentatively. This means you can expect to see your results on the official ICMAI website around that date.

Here’s a quick guide to help you access your CMA Foundation result date June 2024:

  1. Head over to the official ICMAI website:
  2. Look for the designated link to “check result” for the CMA Foundation exam. The exact wording might vary slightly, so keep an eye out for anything that mentions results or scorecards.
  3. Enter your registered identification number or registration number. This is the unique number you received when you enrolled for the exam.
  4. Click on the button to “view result”. With bated breath, hit that button and see your hard work reflected on the screen!
  5. Your CMA Foundation result will be displayed. You’ll be able to see your marks in each subject, your total score, and any other relevant details.
  6. Don’t forget to download or print your result! This is an important document for your records, so make sure you have a copy for future reference.

Congratulations on taking this important step towards your CMA certification! We hope this information helps you access your results smoothly. Remember, the official announcement mentions a tentative date, so keep an eye on the ICMAI website for any updates in the coming days.

CMA Foundation Result 2024 Date & Time

As previously mentioned, the CMA Foundation Result June 2024 is scheduled to be declared on July 11, 2024. While the ICMAI doesn’t usually specify the exact time of result declaration, it typically occurs during the day. Stay informed by checking the ICMAI website periodically for any updates.

CMA Foundation Passing Criteria 2024

To successfully conquer the CMA Foundation exam, candidates must secure CMA Foundation passing criteria 2024 i.e. a minimum of 40% marks in each individual paper and a cumulative score of 50% marks in all four papers combined. Remember, there’s no concept of fixed passing marks. The focus lies on achieving a minimum benchmark in each subject and demonstrating a strong overall understanding.

CMA Foundation Passing Marks for June 2024 Exam
Papers Passing marks Aggregate Percentage
Paper 1 – Business Laws and Business Communication 40/100 50%
Paper 2 – Financial and Cost Accounting 40/100
Paper 3 – Business Mathematics and Statistics 40/100
Paper 4 – Business Economics and Management 40/100

CMA Foundation Passing Marks for June 2024 Exam

First things first, you’ll need to demonstrate a strong foundation in each subject. To achieve this, aim to score at least 40% in every individual paper. The CMA Foundation exam throws four papers your way, so make sure you’re well-prepared for each one.

However, focusing on individual subjects isn’t enough. You’ll also need to demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of the entire curriculum. Here’s where the second hurdle comes in: strive to achieve a minimum overall aggregate score of 50%. In simpler terms, the total marks you score across all four papers must add up to at least 50% of the total possible marks (which is 400).

Let’s break it down even further:

  • The CMA Foundation exam comprises four papers, each worth 100 marks (total possible marks = 400).
  • To pass, you must secure at least 40 marks (40%) in each paper.
  • Additionally, you need to score a minimum of 200 marks (50% of 400) in total across all four papers.

Remember: There are no penalties for incorrect answers in the CMA Foundation exam. So, don’t leave any questions unt attempted! By strategically preparing for both minimum subject scores and the overall aggregate, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the CMA Foundation exam in June 2024.

CMA Foundation Passing Percentage 2024

The official passing percentage for the CMA Foundation June 2024 exam will be revealed by the ICMAI alongside the results. This CMA Foundation result percentage fluctuates year-to-year based on the exam’s difficulty level.

CMA Foundation Pass Percentage June 2024 (To be Announced)
Particular No. of Candidates Appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
Male To be declared soon To be declared soon To be declared soon
Female To be declared soon To be declared soon To be declared soon
Total To be declared soon To be declared soon To be declared soon

However, to give you an idea of what to expect, here’s some helpful information from previous attempts:

ICMAI CMA Foundation Topper June 2024

The ICMAI typically announces the name of the all-India CMA Foundation topper of the June 2024 exam along with the results. This information will be updated once the CMA Foundation Result June 2024 is officially declared.

What After CMA Foundation Result June 2024?

The CMA Foundation Result June 2024 ushers in the next step in your CMA journey:

  • For Successful Candidates: Congratulations! Having cleared this hurdle, you are now eligible to register for the CMA Intermediate course. This paves the way for further advancement in your cost and management accounting career.
  • For Unsuccessful Candidates: A setback doesn’t have to spell defeat. You can re-appear for the CMA Foundation exam in the subsequent attempt. Utilize this time strategically. Analyze your performance, identify areas needing improvement, and devise a more effective study plan to ensure success in the next attempt.

Additional Tips for CMA Foundation Aspirants

Here are some valuable pointers to empower future CMA Foundation exam takers:

  • Meticulous Preparation: Ensure a comprehensive grasp of the syllabus by thoroughly studying the course material, practicing past question papers, and attempting mock tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Time Management Mastery: Develop effective time management skills throughout your exam preparation and while taking the actual exam. Strategic allocation of time for each section is crucial for maximizing your score.
  • Conceptual Understanding: Don’t just memorize facts and figures. Focus on comprehending the underlying concepts to effectively tackle any question format that may appear
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