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Nicknamed Magnificent Mary, Mary Kom is the only Indian female boxer to win a bronze medal in the Olympics. In her first online course she is teaching you how to build the foundation for a lifetime of good health. With her holistic approach, you’ll learn how to work out for increased speed and strength, maximize your nutrition, and build a positive mindset. Start achieving your fitness goals and get that abs you always strived to achieve.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. What is the Fitness Certificate Course by Mary Kom?

A. The Fitness Certificate Course by Mary Kom is an online course that teaches you how to build a foundation for a lifetime of good health. The course is taught by Mary Kom, a six-time world boxing champion and Olympic medalist.

Q. Who can take this course?

A. The Fitness Certificate Course by Mary Kom is for anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness. The course is perfect for people who are new to fitness, as well as those who are looking to improve their current fitness level.

Q. What are the benefits of taking this Course by Mary Kom?

A. There are many benefits to taking this Course by Mary Kom. Some of the benefits include:

  • Learning from a world-renowned athlete
  • Getting a fit body and health advices
  • Having access to a library of fitness videos
  • Getting support from a community of fitness enthusiasts
Q. What topics are covered in this Course by Mary Kom?

A. The topics covered in this Course by Mary Kom include:

  • The importance of exercise
  • How to create a fitness plan
  • How to eat healthy
  • How to manage stress
  • How to stay motivated
Q. What are the requirements for taking this Course by Mary Kom?

A. There are no specific requirements for taking this course. However, some basic fitness knowledge is helpful.

Q: From where can I get more Skill Development Course like this?

A: You can get numerous Skill Development Courses like this course on Study At Home platform and enhance your skills while earning certificates.


Lesson 1. My Fitness Gear
Lesson 2. Stretching
Lesson 3. How To Lose Fat Fast In A Healthy Way
Lesson 4. My Personal Abs Workout
Lesson 5. Skipping
Lesson 6. The Correct Push Ups
Lesson 7. The Correct Squat
Lesson 8. Full Body Activation Exercises
Lesson 9. HIIT For Quick Fat Loss
Lesson 10. Stance
Lesson 11. Fundamentals Of Punching
Lesson 12. Fundamentals Of Blocking
Lesson 13. Floating
Lesson 14. Shadow Boxing
Lesson 15. My Sparring Session: Practice With Me
Lesson 16. How To Escape From A Tough Spot
Lesson 17. How To Win Maximum Points in Boxing
Lesson 18. Practicing For A Big Match
Lesson 19. My Journey
Lesson 20. How To Be Self Motivated
Lesson 21. My Meal Plan
Lesson 22. Develop Your Reflexes
Lesson 23. Boxing As An Everyday Sport
Lesson 24. My Nutrition Theory
Lesson 25. Fastest Way To Lose Body Fat: My Secret Technique
Lesson 26. Anger Management
Lesson 27. Mindset Of A Fighter
Lesson 28. Boxing As A Confidence Booster
Lesson 29. Resting For Faster Muscle Recovery
Lesson 30. Recover Emotionally
Lesson 31. My Personal Strength Building Exercises
Lesson 32. My Post Workout Stretching


About Faculty

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom OLY is an Indian amateur boxer, politician, and former Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha. She is the only woman to win the World Amateur Boxing Championship six times, the only female boxer to have won a medal in each one of the first seven World Championships, and the only boxer (male or female) to win eight World Championship medals

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    As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve taken quite a few fitness courses before, but this one was definitely one of the best !
    It’s an excellent course that’s well worth the investment!

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