Paper 1, 2 & 3B Combo – Advanced Accounting, Corporate and Other Laws & GST (CA Intermediate Group I New Syllabus) by CA Parveen Sharma, CA Amit Popli & CA Raj Kumar


  • *Advanced Accounting
    *Corporate and Other Laws
    *Goods and Services Tax

Pre-Recorded Videos


Windows (Laptop/PC), Mobile (Android/iOS)

Lecture Duration

Adv Acc -240 Hours, Law – 220 Hours & GST – 120 Hours




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Single Device


Printed Book

Advanced Accounting by CA Parveen Sharma
  • No. of Sessions – 120 Lectures Approx. (2.7 hrs. Each)
  • Duration – 325 Hours Approx.
Corporate & Other Laws by CA Amit Popli
  • Duration – 220 Hours Approx.
GST by CA Raj Kumar
  • Duration – 120 Hours Approx.
System Requirement for Live Class
  • Viewing Device for Live class – Laptop, Desktop, Android/iOS
  • Simultaneous device log-in Not Allowed
  • Run on Windows OS (10,11 or any other higher version)
  • Browser Support (Live@Home / Online Classes) – Microsoft Edge for Windows devices, Safari for MacBook, Android, and iOS App. It is possible that Windows, Laptops, or Desktops do not support our class’s security. In that case, you will have to use alternative devices. Still, if all your devices are not supported, we may shift you to Offline classes through Download (Google Drive). Google Drive classes are to be downloaded on your LAPTOP only and can be viewed through a utility that will be provided to you online.
System Requirement for Google Drive & Pendrive
  • Viewing Device – Laptop, Desktop
  • Simultaneous device log-in Not Allowed
  • Run on Windows OS (8.1,10,11 or any other higher version)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. How to prepare for CA inter Advance Accounting?

A. To ace CA Inter Advanced Accounting, dedication, planning, and good resources are crucial. So, start early, make a study schedule, and focus on important topics first. Understand concepts well, practice regularly, and revise consistently. Joining CA Parveen Sharma Sir’s classes can be beneficial due to his expertise, engaging teaching style, and comprehensive course material. Also, prioritize your well-being, stay positive, and believe in your ability to succeed. Consistent effort, proper guidance, and effective strategies are key to mastering this subject and excelling in the exam. So, do check out this CA Inter Paper 1, 2 & 3B Combo Classes.

Q. Who is the best teacher for CA Inter law?

A. CA Amit Popli Sir is one of the best teacher for CA Inter law as he’s renowned for his exceptional teaching in CA Inter Law, simplifying complex legal concepts through clear explanations, practical examples, and interactive sessions. With expertise in Company Law and Contract Law, his courses offer comprehensive study materials and personalized guidance, leading to top exam results for many students. Also, his reputation, teaching style, and success record make him a top choice for aspiring CAs aiming to excel in CA Inter Law. So, enroll in this CA Inter Paper 1, 2 & 3B Combo classes to learn from CA Amit Popli Sir along with other best faculties.

Q. Is taxation tough in CA Inter?

A. CA Inter Taxation presents challenges due to its vast syllabus, complex calculations, and frequent updates in tax laws. However, with dedication, effective strategies, and proper guidance, it can be conquered. To succeed, build a strong foundation, focus on understanding concepts rather than just memorizing formulas, practice consistently, and seek guidance from reputable instructors like CA Raj Kumar Sir, known for his expertise in GST and taxation. His classes offer clear explanations, practical application, comprehensive materials, regular updates, and a student-centric approach. Remember, consistent effort and the right guidance are essential to mastering CA Inter Taxation. So, consider CA Raj Kumar Sir’s classes to enhance your learning and increase your chances of success in this challenging subject.


About Faculty

CA Parveen Sharma, CA Amit Popli & CA Raj Kumar are highly respected figures in the fields of CA and CS Classes. They are widely recognized as one of the most dynamic and dedicated faculty members in the area of CA Classes. Their expertise is in high demand, as they teach Advanced Accounting, Corporate and Other Laws, and GST to students at the CA Final Level, as well as those studying for the CA Inter.


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