Paper 14 – Strategic Financial Management (CMA Final Group III) by CMA Chander Dureja

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CMA Chander Dureja CMA Final SFM Classes for New Syllabus


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. What is the scope of strategic financial management?

A. Strategic financial management (SFM) is a broad field that encompasses the financial planning, budgeting, and analysis activities that support a company’s strategic goals. SFM professionals are responsible for developing and implementing financial strategies that help companies achieve their objectives, such as increasing profitability, expanding into new markets, or acquiring new businesses.

Q. Who is eligible for ICMAI final?

A. To be eligible for the ICMAI Final exam, you need to have passed the ICMAI Intermediate exam and completed a required months internship supervised by an ICMAI member. Ensure that you also register as a student with the ICMAI.. The ICMAI Final exam covers complex but crucial subjects. To prepare, focus on understanding the concepts, use good study materials, practice with past papers, and get good classes like Study At Home, which provide best classes and guidance by expert faculties at affordable prices. And, when you’re ready, apply for the exam online through the ICMAI website. CMA Chander Dureja CMA Final SFM Classes will help you achieve your dream!

Q. Can I get job after CMA final?

A. Yes, you can definitely get a job after CMA Final. CMA Final is a professional qualification that is in high demand in the corporate sector. Moreover, CMAs are qualified to work in a variety of roles, including cost accountant, management accountant, financial analyst, and internal auditor as well. So, it’s a great course in terms of future scope.


About Faculty

CMA Chander Dureja is a highly skilled expert in Financial Management, with a wealth of experience in teaching and education. He has successfully taught thousands of students, including many top performers. His dynamic and engaging teaching style has made him a popular figure among students, who appreciate his vibrant and fun personality in the classroom.

In addition to his teaching credentials, CMA Chander Dureja received his CMA certificate in June 2006 and has been involved in the teaching field for the past 11 years. He has also worked with the Institute of Cost Accountants of India for 3 years and was awarded the best faculty in 2013. CMA Chander Dureja’s passion for learning extends to the stock and derivative market, where he has already gained considerable knowledge and expertise.

2 reviews for Paper 14 – Strategic Financial Management (CMA Final Group III) by CMA Chander Dureja

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