Paper 3 – Setting Up of Business, Industrial & Labour Laws (CS Executive Module I 2022 Syllabus) by CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor & CA Shilpum Khanna

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. What is the full form of Sbil in CS Executive?

A. SBIL stands for “Setting Up of Business, Industrial & Labour Laws” in the CS Executive Program. It is a core subject in Module 1, covering the legal and regulatory framework for setting up and operating a business in India. If you are preparing for the CS Executive exams, it is crucial to dedicate sufficient time and effort to studying SBIL. Enroll in Study At Home’s CS Executive SBIL Classes to gain a thorough understanding of the subject and develop the skills necessary to excel in the exam. Experienced professionals design their classes, offering expert guidance, comprehensive study materials, and personalized support to help you succeed.

Q. Which is better CA or CS?

A. Choosing between being a Chartered Accountant (CA) or a Company Secretary (CS) is about what you enjoy. CAs handle finance and tax matters, like taxation and auditing, while CS deal with corporate law. So, if you like numbers and finance, go for CA. If you’re into law and business, CS might be for you. To prepare for exams, Study At Home is a great option. They have easy classes, experienced teachers, and materials to make learning simple. Whether you’re into numbers or laws, Study At Home can help you get ready for a successful career.

Q. How to pass CS Executive exam in first attempt?

A. To ace the CS Executive exam on your first attempt, start early, plan your study sessions wisely, and use effective techniques like recalling information and spaced repetition. Practice with past questions, seek help when needed, and consider Study At Home’s CS Executive Classes for extra support in subjects like CS Executive SBIL. Moreover, stay positive, take care of yourself, understand the exam pattern, and use technology to enhance your learning. It’s a challenging goal, but with dedication and these strategies, success is within reach. So, good luck on your journey to becoming a Company Secretary!


About Faculty

CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor and CA Shilpum Khanna boasts a wealth of experience as educators, with a relentless commitment to empowering their students to achieve exceptional exam results. Their instructional philosophy centers on fostering a deep understanding of concepts while making complicated topics more accessible. Thanks to her accounting and finance acumen, countless students have succeeded academically under her tuition. By enrolling in CS Executive Paper 3 by CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor and CA Shilpum Khanna classes, you can take your preparations to next level.

3 reviews for Paper 3 – Setting Up of Business, Industrial & Labour Laws (CS Executive Module I 2022 Syllabus) by CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor & CA Shilpum Khanna

  1. Avatar for Study At Home

    Simran Sharma

    I’m grateful to Aishwarya ma’am and Shilpum ma’am for creating such an engaging and informative course, providing a perfect blend of theory and practical insights. It’s a definite recommendation for all CS Executive students.

  2. Avatar for Study At Home

    Raunak Sharma

    I found this course very interactive. Studying SBILL by Aishwarya Mam and Shilpum Mam is just amazing. Mere jitne bhi weak concepts the clear ho gye. Thank you so much.😊

  3. Avatar for Study At Home

    Shreya Gupta

    Good explanation of concepts. I’m very thankful to Aishwarya Mam and Shilpum Mam.😊

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