Paper 6A – Financial Management (CA Intermediate Group II New Syllabus) by CA Aaditya Jain

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Live + Pre-Recorded Videos


Windows (Only Laptop)

No. of Lecture


Lecture Duration

150 Hours





Encrypted Video's, Video Player


Single Device



Documents Required:
Students will have to mail following self attested photocopy documents on
i. Aadhar card/ Passport/ Voter ID Card
ii. ICAI registration Letter
iii. 30 sec of video with mobile –

My name is……My ICAI registration number is……. My father’s name is……… I have purchased….(Mention Your Subject Name)…Thank You.

Technical Details:
Windows – Windows 10 (Only laptop)
Ram –  4GB (Mandatory)
Processor – If (i3/i5/i7) Sharable Memory Above 500MB
Other – Graphic card 1GB Mon. (Mandatory)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is Aditya Jain?

A. Aaditya Jain, a highly experienced Chartered Accountant and renowned CA Inter FM faculty, is known for simplifying complex financial management concepts. His teaching method uses practical examples, making it easier for students to understand. Aditya’s contributions to CA Inter FM education include comprehensive course materials, practice questions, and mock tests. If you enroll in Study At Home CA Inter Aaditya Jain FM classes, you’ll benefit from Aditya’s expert guidance, personalized support, and a curriculum updated to the latest standards. So, with his teaching, you’ll be well-prepared and confident for success in the CA Inter FM exam.

Q. Who is the best faculty for CA Inter FM?

A. Widely recognized as the best teacher for CA Inter Financial Management (FM), CA Aaditya Jain’s extensive experience, deep subject knowledge, and a track record of helping students succeed contribute to his reputation. His teaching stands out because he makes complex financial concepts easy to understand, using real-world examples. Moreover, with a clear understanding of the syllabus, Jain explains complicated topics in a simple way, and his students consistently achieve top marks. Also, his course material is comprehensive, covering everything needed for the exam, and he prioritizes students’ success by offering personalized guidance and support. Overall, CA Aaditya Jain is the top choice for FM because of his practical teaching, proven success, and commitment to student excellence. So, go for this Aaditya Jain FM Classes.


About Faculty

Aaditya Jain, popularly known as the Finance Guru and the stock market guru, is highly regarded by students. His philosophy is “Learn More Earn More.” He is widely acknowledged as the top instructor for CA Inter. Aaditya Jain’s batch for CA Inter are the best in India and can be obtained through delivery on Pen Drive or Google Drive.

29 reviews for Paper 6A – Financial Management (CA Intermediate Group II New Syllabus) by CA Aaditya Jain

  1. Avatar for Study At Home

    Reena Bagchi

    Aaditya Jain sir is the best faculty for FM classes . Go for Aaditya sir for FM without any doubt.

  2. Avatar for Study At Home

    Anurag Reddy

    Aaditya Jain sir give 100% practical knowledge & theoretical knowledge. It gives so many examples to understand every concept. He takes all the doubt and solved it.

  3. Avatar for Study At Home

    Jhumki Kapoor

    CA Aaditya Jain’s exceptional knowledge, unique teaching style, and ability to combine theoretical and practical knowledge in a way that is easy to understand, make him one of the best FM faculties in India.

  4. Avatar for Study At Home

    Pratik Jain

    Aaditya Jain sir teaches FM amazingly.His ability to made understandable the concepts to the students is amazing. He makes proper use of his knowledge while teaching his students.He is a role model to many students, many students love him for his humble nature. He has become so excellent in teaching while guiding students over the years. All I can say that he is the combo of guider, motivator and a mentor.

  5. Avatar for Study At Home

    chintan raut

    He concludes the class with a revision of the concepts covered. He covers the topic systematically until everyone understands it without dragging it. He solves many questions in a concept until everyone understands it. He spends extra time clearing doubts both before and after classes.

  6. Avatar for Study At Home

    sudeep balakrishnan

    Aditya Jain sir is best teacher for CA Inter FM.The faculty is always there whenever I have doubts about my chosen subject. I must say everyone should take this opportunity so that they can crack their CA Inter exams with ease. He has a vast knowledge of the subject.

  7. Avatar for Study At Home

    disha tamble

    I was impressed and inspired by your classes. The course is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made in myself and now I am reaping the awards.his teaching,his material,his exam strategy every is awesome.

  8. Avatar for Study At Home

    rashi behl

    After taking his classes, I am really sure to get 100% marks in his subject. Because he clear all the concept very easy way and with example. I am very thankful to sir.

  9. Avatar for Study At Home

    Raktim Sami

    Aditya Jain sir, you are awesome, You boost our spirit and you made me feel yes I can achieve it. Truly a great teacher and a motivator. I will suggest everybody to join your class. He always tries to be in touch with his students, whether they are facing any problem in classes. He is really a very good teacher. And I am coming for final.

  10. Avatar for Study At Home

    Sushil Soni

    It is a great time we spent in Aaditya Jain Sirs classes. Sir is a wonderful faculty and he is very cooperative and class environment is very positive. I would like to thank CA Aaditya jain sir for his guidance, support and motivation. I joined sirs classes for CA Inter Exams. My respectable teacher is able to teach us in a lucid style. Aaditya Jain Sirs classes were outstanding. Looking forward to getting really amazing marks. I have cleared CA Inter Exams because of your support. Thanks Sir and for all staffs who helped me to achieve this success.

  11. Avatar for Study At Home

    Sunanda Shukla

    I Joined Aditya Jain Sir for CA inter FM because i was impressed with teaching technique & practical approach of Aditya Jain Sir. i have revised the entire course 3 time as well as scored good marks.
    Aditya Jain Sir is best for FM.

  12. Avatar for Study At Home

    Divya Bhalla

    I have taken FM class from Aditya Jain sir. Aditya Jain sir has a vast knowledge of finance, you can say him Expert of finance. he explains to the point with practical.

  13. Avatar for Study At Home

    Chanakya Pandey

    His notes and books are quite good for conceptual understanding. He will make the subject high scoring and also help students to build a career in Investment Banking & Stock Market. He helped all of the students to in clearing CA exams.

  14. Avatar for Study At Home

    Darsh Singh

    Honestly, I have No Words to Express my Gratitude towards Sir. He is Simply Amazing. This subject of SFM has so Easily Explained by him that I have No Fears, No Doubts!! ☺☺ He is Very Passionate and Optimistic about his Teaching and Students. Any Doubt is Cleared Easily. Thank you sir!!

  15. Avatar for Study At Home

    Barbie Singhal

    Aaditya Jain sir is considered to be the best teacher for CA inter FM. There is no other competition of Aditya sir in finance in CA industry,

    He is known even as a finance guru. He teaches the subject in a very effective manner.

  16. Avatar for Study At Home

    Lovely Praak

    Aaditya Jain Sir is the best teacher for CA inter FM.There is no match for his knowledge in the CA industry. I still remember the concepts taught by him in class.. He is the most experienced teacher of finance and has a vast knowledge of the subject.

  17. Avatar for Study At Home

    Ajay Virani

    Aaditya Jain sir is the only faculty whose students have scored the highest marks in CA inter FM,

    If you want to score 90+ marks in CA inter FM , I’d highly recommend you to go with Aaditya Jain sir only. The way he teaches is the best and most effective way of teaching such subject. He prepares his students not only for academic purpose, he prepares for real life purposes as well.

  18. Avatar for Study At Home

    Shlok Tiwari

    I truly believe that Sir is a class apart from all the other teachers and he is undoubtedly an excellent teacher for CA INTER FM .Everyone who has learnt from Sir has only good things to say about him.He is just outstanding at his job.He exactly knows what he has to do in class.

  19. Avatar for Study At Home

    Hemlata Grover

    He helped us to allocate our time in the correct manner and taught in a way that was understandable to everyone, even to students from non-finance backgrounds. Sir made learning fun and it was truly an amazing learning experience

  20. Avatar for Study At Home

    Agnishikha Bajaj

    Aaditya Jain Sir’s pendrive classes is best for CA Inter FM. He teach in an easy manner with depth explanation. Aaditya Jain Sir classes are absolutely best and superb Classes, the way sir explains conceptually is mind blowing.I m the student of Aaditya Jain sir video lectures. In my opinion he is better because he teaches slowly with conceptual clearity and practical exposure as well

  21. Avatar for Study At Home

    Sagar Hinda

    Aaditya Jain classes is the India’s only institute which so many rank holders have taken classes from and Aaditya jain sir is the teacher who teaches the subject in a very practical way. For CA inter FM, I’d recommend you only Aaditya Jain sir.

    The way he teaches finance subjects in CA/CMA industry is the most fabulous way of teaching such subject.

  22. Avatar for Study At Home

    Sahil Rajput

    His best quality for making the concepts understandable is nothing but using examples from real life. And It is the most effective way of explaining the concept.

  23. Avatar for Study At Home

    Asha Goenka

    Aaditya Jain Sir is the best faculty for CA INTER FM. His classes are interesting and clearly understanding all the concepts. He is clear all the doubts. His class notes are very helpful at the time of the exam. You can take his classes through google drive or pen drive mode anywhere by ordering from their official website.

  24. Avatar for Study At Home

    Sanyukta Tripthi

    The way Aaditya Sir explains is just amazing, even while taking drive classes it feels we are in the same room and you can hardly have any doubt because of his teaching skills. The motivating thoughts at the beginning of every lecture are the things everyone needs to hear. It’s the decision one will never regret.

  25. Avatar for Study At Home

    Mayur Jalan

    In Aaditya sir’s class, you’ll gain a lot of new things that are gonna be important in your life ahead in finance. His class examples are more related to real life. He always tries his best to pass on the precious knowledge that he gained over years to his students. He is the best teacher ever.

  26. Avatar for Study At Home

    Tushar Khetri

    The way of teaching is fantastic and very helpful to understand the topic conceptually. I have no regret in my mind after taking your classes. All the classes were just mind-blowing. It is my great pleasure to study from CA Aaditya Jain sir who is crowned as the best teacher around the country.

  27. Avatar for Study At Home

    Priyam Jain

    Sir’s experience as a teacher is more advanced than the others and his unique way of teaching makes learning comprehensible for everyone. Sir guides and motivates all his students and prompts them to be the best version of themselves.

  28. Avatar for Study At Home

    Ishweer Chauhan

    I have taken my FM ECO classes from Sir and needless to say under his mentorship, I flourished. I received great marks and I owe it all to him. I highly recommend Sir for anyone looking for a teacher.

  29. Avatar for Study At Home

    Joyitri Sen

    If you’re still looking for a teacher and have your doubts, trust me, Aditya sir is the best choice. All the best to everyone and hope you make the right decision for you.

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