5 Tips to clear CA Exams

As we all know Chartered Accountancy Course is lengthy. Therefore, It requires an ample amount of hard work and commitment towards studies. Clearing these exams, opens the path to a flourishing career. It provides dignity, respect in the society besides a good lifestyle. However, the passing percentage is very low so students need to be well prepared. If one works in the right direction, one can excel in exams with flying colors. Some of the tips to clear CA exams are mentioned below:

1. Regular Studies:

CA demands regular studies of 6-8 months to clear the exams. One should start preparation at least 6 months prior to the exams. It requires dedication and self-discipline. One should have self-control. Make use of Internet-only when needed for studies. Spending long hours on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram will only take you towards failure. Use them only for limited time say 30 mins a day. Unnecessary scrolling the pages or chats won’t help you in any way.

2. Study Schedule:

CA requires dedicated 10-12 hrs of study time in a day. One must have a proper schedule. Divide your entire schedule into slots of 2-2.5 hrs per subject. Set daily targets and try to achieve them on a regular basis. For example if you have decided to complete a chapter in 2 days and unable to complete it…leave it then n there and start a new topic from 3rd day. Once you fail to achieve your target and leave the topic in between, you will be disciplined to achieve your targets in time due to fear.

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3. Writing Skills:

As we all know, these are not oral exams, rather written. Therefore, One must develop the habit of writing on a daily basis. This will not only help in developing the answer writing skills but will also improve writing speed. As we always hear paper was lengthy, hence couldn’t complete it in time. This will not happen if you have regular writing habit.

In case of practical subjects, try to solve as many questions as you can. This will help you with speed as well as with concepts and calculations. In the case of theory subjects particularly Audit, Law, ITSM writing answers to case studies will help you in memorizing the provisions and framing the answers. Take 40 mins daily to practice writing answers for theory subjects.

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4. Tests:

Tests are very important for self-evaluation. This will not only reduce the fear of exams but will help to understand how well prepared you are for exams. Start giving tests on a regular basis and get them evaluated by your mentor. This will help you to identify the weaker areas which need to be worked upon. It will prepare you well for the exams by making you more confident.

5. Mental Health:

While preparing for exams, take good care of yourself. In addition, have a sound sleep of 7 hrs. Take a proper diet. Focus on nutritious food based on weather. Include fruits, dry fruits, juice, shakes. Consume more amount of water as it is essential for our body.

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In conclusion, These are some tips which I believe will help you with your preparation.  Plan your studies well and get through the exams.

– Garima Shroff

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