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acca registration fees & eligibility


ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is UK based programme which gives you liberty to practice accounting in India as well as overseas. It has been a leader in the accounting profession with over 2 lakh members and another 5 lakh prospective members scattered across 176 countries. ACCA registration fees may vary depending on your location, but it typically costs around £79 to register as an ACCA student. Additionally, there are annual subscription acca fees that range from £95 to £482 depending on your membership category and where you live.

As a result, after you join ACCA, you can be sure that your career possibilities will be better. With the ACCA degree, you will be able to work for reputed multinational companies such as Big 4, which are actively hiring fresh ACCA. Professionals with ACCA credentials are in high demand on the international market. More than 8500 employers around the world recognize the ACCA qualification.

Levels of Examination in ACCA:

The ACCA course is structured into the following three levels to test you in the following specific fields and each level has different exam pattern which is discussed below:

      • Applied knowledge level
      • Applied Skills level
      • Professional Level

acca examination levels

ACCA Study Material:

  • ACCA study material is available in both print and digital formats.
  • The ACCA study material is regularly updated to reflect changes in the industry and syllabus.
  • ACCA students can access additional study resources and support through the ACCA website.

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How ACCA Classes Help Students Pass Their Exams:

ACCA classes are an essential part of the process for students who wish to pursue the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification. These classes provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the ACCA exams and become a qualified ACCA member.

Educational institutions, professional training providers, and online platforms typically offer ACCA classes that cover all the topics in the ACCA syllabus and provide practical experience to help students prepare for the exams.

Moreover, ACCA classes may also offer additional study resources such as textbooks, online materials, and practice exams to further enhance the learning experience. Students can take these classes either in-person or online, which provides them with the flexibility to study at their own pace and according to their individual needs.

In summary, ACCA classes provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the ACCA exams and become a qualified ACCA member. With the right preparation and guidance, students can achieve their goals and establish a successful career in the accounting and finance industry.

ACCA Registration fees & Eligibility:
  • The students must have qualified their 10+2 examinations with an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics / Accounts and English. A minimum of 50% score in other subjects.
  • After meeting these ACCA eligibility, students can register with the institute to pursue the ACCA qualification by paying ACCA registration fees i.e. £79.
  • ACCA charges its members annual membership fees, which may vary depending on their location, category, & ranges from £95 to £482
  • Students who have just cleared their class 10 examinations, or do not qualify ACCA eligibility as per the aforementioned criteria. Can still register for the ACCA course VIA FIA (FOUNDATION IN ACCOUNTANCY)

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Members of ACCA:

  • To become an ACCA member & be recognized as a professional accountant, candidates must pass all the test, clear the Ethics & Professional Skills module, & successfully completed the PER.
  • Before completing all three requirements, you cannot submit an application for membership.

Check your Exemptions:

exemptions in acca

It may not be necessary for you to take all the tests required for the ACCA Qualification if you already hold some credentials. ACCA exemptions indicate that candidates will start their studies at the suitable level based on their abilities and background.

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ACCA Passing Criteria:

To pass all ACCA examinations, candidates need to score a minimum of 50%. It means if you scored 50% in the examination you will pass the exams.

acca registration passing criteria

  • ACCA conducts different kinds of exams. Whenever you are ready, you can take Knowledge level exam which are fully objective.
  • The second level exams are called Skill level exams. They have a mix of objective and structured questions. Exams are held four times a year, in March, June, September, and December.
  • The second level exams are called Skill level exams. They have a mix of objective and structured questions. Exams are held four times a year, in March, June, September, and December.
  • Once you pass all the papers of professional level, you will become an “ACCA Affiliate”

ACCA Fess Structure:

  • ACCA Registration fees (one time fees): Paid directly to ACCA Rs.3000/- (approx.)
  • Subscription fees (e.g. Membership fees-paid to ACCA every year): Rs.11000/- (approx.)
  • Examination fees (every time you appear for exams): Ranges between Rs.10000/- to 12000/-(approx.) [It ranges between 11000/- To 22,000/-]
  • Ethics fees (one-time fees-Mandatory if you want to go from ACCA affiliate to ACCA member): Rs.7000/- (approx.)
  • However, ACCA Affiliate status is valid for 3 years. You need to pay the membership fees again if you don’t fulfil the criteria of professional experience.

Job Opportunities Abroad for ACCA Qualified:

Various international institutes and entities have recognized ACCA membership through agreements made with ACCA. Generally, India’s ACCA’s work in UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany and other country in European union. Moreover, career options available after completing the ACCA qualification are vast and varied. Therefore, can pursue careers as management accountants, consultants, business analysts, corporate finance experts, financial planners, advisers, auditors, & tax consultants, among many others.

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Leading Businesses Hiring ACCA:

In order to create an effective working environment at their company, the best firms in the world compete to attract qualified ACCA certified experts. Some of the largest businesses employing ACCA include:

acca approved employers in india

The ACCA’s Salary in India

In India, the average ACCA income is close to Rs.8 lakhs annually. The level of hiring and number of years of relevant experience significantly influence the overall remuneration. Students may eventually try to put themselves in the position of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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acca salary in india

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