Articleship Stipend as per ICAI and Big 4

A CA Student is compelled to complete three years of Articleship Training under the supervision of a Chartered Accountant, who pays him an Articleship Stipend for the job he does.

However, only chartered accountants with three, five, or ten years of experience may provide articleship practice to students.

Despite the fact that a CA Student’s articleship training lasts three years, he is qualified to take the CA Final Exams in the last six months of his articleship. In other words, after 2.5 years of instruction, a CA student is eligible to take the CA Final Exams.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, or ICAI in short, has established a minimum articleship amount that must be paid to all the articles by their employer every month.

Classification of the Article’s Normal Workplace
1st year of Training Period
2nd year of Training Period
Remaining Training Period
Cities / Towns with a population of at least 20 Lakhs ₹ 2,000/- ₹ 2,500/- ₹ 3,000/-
Cities / Towns with a population of at least 4 Lakhs but less than 20 Lakhs ₹ 1,500/- ₹ 2,000/- ₹ 2,500/-
Cities / Towns with a population of fewer than 4 Lakh people ₹ 1,000/-


₹ 1,500/- ₹ 2,000/-

The figures indicated above is the monthly articleship stipend that must be paid every month in the first, second and third years of articleship.

The stipend should be provided by the Chartered Accountant to his Article either by –
  • A monthly crossed account payee cheque against a stamped receipt acquired from the Article.
  • Or by depositing the funds on a monthly basis into an account formed in the Article’s name with a bank branch designated by the employer accountant.

Although the ICAI sets a minimum articleship stipend, there is no maximum limit for the same. Hence, the employer Chartered Accountant is entitled to give his Article whatever amount he sees fit as a stipend. Typically, the Big 4 accounting firms pay the most generous stipends to CA Articles.

In the Big Four, the average stipend is rather substantial. The monthly compensation provided by KPMG is 15,000, E&Y is 12,000, Deloitte is 13,000, and PWC is 12,000.

This figure appears to be greater than that of small accounting businesses. However, in order to work for these organisations, you must have a good grade and pass in your first try.

The following is an estimate of the average articleship stipend paid by the Big 4 to CA Articles in Metro Cities –

  • 1st Year – 12,000
  • 2nd Year – 16,000
  • 3rd Year – 20,000

Above all, this is an estimation of the average articleship allowance given by Big 4 firms, which may vary across states and cities.

Students need to bear in mind that there is a huge difference between the stipend and salary of a chartered accountants. In small businesses the job is usually manual, while it is mechanised in the Big Four.

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