Last Minute Tips to Crack CA Exams

With hardly a few days left for the exams, students are anxious about their preparation and revision. Here are few useful tips to ease out the anxiousness.

Trust your preparation

Clearing CA exams require hard work, dedication, commitment and consistency in preparation. Given the additional time due to postponement of exams, students got ample time to prepare for the exams. And now, it’s time to trust the months of labour one has put in the preparation. Doubting one’s preparation at this time would be a major blow to the confidence. The focus should now be on revising and not studying new topics. It would not only improve your confidence but also help you understand your preparation.

Do not compare your preparation with others

The process of preparing for exams is different for everyone. Don’t compare your preparation with your fellow mates as it would only distract you. Instead stick to your preparation and focus on staying positive.

The must reads

Never skip reading the amendments, RTPs and additions made to the ICAI material. They are very important and one must pay close attention to them while studying. They provide an idea about what to expect from the examiner.

Focus on working notes for practical papers

ICAI follows a stepwise marking process for evaluation of all practical papers. It is advised to write proper working notes for these subjects as it can help you fetch marks.

Focus on language in theory papers

Language plays a vital role in getting good marks for this exam. For papers like law, audit, it is essential to use important sentences, references to sections and case laws (wherever required) and incorporate keywords within your answers.

Unable to recollect?

If you are unable to recollect something during preparation or during exams, don’t panic. This happens with most of them. Calm your nerves first and focus on breathing. Give a few minutes to yourself and remember the first tip we discussed – Trust your preparation. Your preparation will lead you to the answer.

Health is the Key

Preparing for exams doesn’t mean neglecting your health. Balanced diet and staying active is required to maintain health in optimum condition and reduce stress. Good health will assist you in better preparation and performance in exams.

Not all papers will be the same

There are many papers in the exam. It is likely that not all papers will go according to the plan. If by chance, one paper doesn’t go well, do not give up on the other papers. Don’t lose confidence in yourself. Instead, start preparing for the next paper with newfound momentum.

– Neethi V. Kannanth

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