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About Physics Wallah

Physics wallah began its journey in 2014 as a Youtube channel with Alakh Pandey. The goal was to provide quality content to all aspiring doctors and engineers at no cost or minimal cost. It is India’s most affordable, lovable, valuable, and reliable educational platform. Physics Wallah founded by Alakh Pandey in year 2016. It includes 6M+ students, 13700+ video lectures, 2500+ mock tests, 70000+ questions, and many more. It majorly prepares students for competitive engineering and medical entrance examination. The platform also provides a few unpaid and several paid batches to students across India. Physics Wallah is part of India’s unicorn club and raised $100 million & become India’s 101st unicorn.

Different batches in PW

Physics Wallah lives affordable classes offer state-of-the-art learning experiences by top faculty members who will lead classes with the most recent syllabus for session 2022-23 and answer questions through the best-in-class doubt engines. It is committed to making learning as affordable as possible for all students. They have provided a platform for thousands of aspirants through our affordable courses such as Lakshya Udaan, Arjuna, and many others. PW focuses solely on the needs of every student, from providing Chemistry, Maths, and Physics formula to giving ebooks by RS Aggarwal, Lakhmir Singh and RD Sharma. Below are the list of batches available in PW. For complete details, you may refer to physics wallah website or physics wallah app.

  • IIT –JEE
  • NEET
  • NSAT
  • Pathshala
  • Vidyapeeth
  • CUET
  • GATE

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Why PW?

  1. Live sessions/Live scheduled lectures

Live lectures helps teachers in understanding the needs of the students and helping them in the best way the can.

  1. Live Doubt clearing Sessions

Sessions like this help students ask their queries and get them cleared by the best faculty

  1. Materials

The materials provided by the platform is targeted and structured which helps the students in the best way.

  1. Tests on regular basis

We judge the students in their academics as they take the tests, which gives them an idea about the questions that may come in the examination.

How to download the Physics Wallah App?

  1. Go on google play and search “Physics Wallah App”.
  2. Open the app and tap on new user and enter your name and email address.
  3. To create your ID, click on the submit button, and you can then use the application.

Also, you can download the app from here Download Now

Several Options in the Physics Wallah App

  1. Batches

We include all of the batches—whether for the IIT JEE, NEET, crash courses, or even free courses for students—in this section.

  1. Saarthi

We have introduced a new PW service where you can ask your questions to a mentor, whether or not they are related to your studies, and we will offer students a planner and a mentor who will allocate the best methods for getting things done. Additionally, parents will be able to meet with the mentors so that they can express any worries they have about the development children made.

  1. Library

This PW Library contains all of the students’ handwritten chapters and class notes. Access to all the physics wallah study materials in the text and in handwritten pdf format is one advantage of using PW. All of the study resources are accessible by just visiting the website or app.

  1. Test series

Those who are worried about their academic achievement can use our exam series to assess their progress. Physics Wallah Test series are a great approach to identifying your strong points and areas for improvement. Physics Wallah Test Series is very useful for speeding up, and understanding the concept and the pattern of the exam.

  1. Study Materials

Study materials are a crucial component of becoming prepared. Physics Wallah Study material allows students to explore the art of conceptualization. We also include intelligent question-tackling skills that can be used to solve problems You won’t begin your preparation without it & you can quickly access reference materials on the website, such as RD Sharma or HC Verma.


You can simply bookmark the pages after reading the content and finishing the exercises for later use. The ability to lock series or videos for the review term and course-wise is a brand-new feature. They won’t interact with one another.

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How does Physics Wallah make its services cost efficient?

To answer your question, PW is definitely very economical. The bulk of the information is free, and the costs for the batches are also considerably less expensive than many other websites. Moreover, we make all of the study materials, including notes, NCERT Solutions, Mock Tests, Sample Papers, Previous Year’s Question Papers, Reference Book Solutions, Formula Lists, Syllabus, Full Form Pages, FAQs, Question Answers, and some lectures, readily available to all students at no cost.

Is Physics wallah good for JEE?

Overall, yes, PW is a great resource for JEE aspirants. The channel is run by Alakh Pandey, an IIT Roorkee alumni and experienced JEE faculty with over 25 years of teaching experience. Additionally, he regularly uploads videos and question banks related to physics, which are extremely helpful for JEE aspirants.

How is Physics Wallah for NEET?

Additionally, it is a great online resource for students preparing for NEET. It offers video lectures, quizzes, and practice tests to help students master the concepts covered in the exam. Furthermore, Physics Wallah also provides free resources such as NCERT Solutions, Revision Notes, and Question Banks. In conclusion, with its comprehensive approach and quality content, Physics Wallah is a great option for NEET aspirants.

Is Physics Wallah courses free of cost?

PW’s vision is to help students achieve a better future academically and in skill development at the lowest possible prices.

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