Paper 5 – Capital Market & Securities Laws (CS Executive Module II 2022 Syllabus) by CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Does CS Executive have 2 groups?

A. The CS Executive Program divides into two groups, referred to as modules, namely, Module 1 and Module 2. Candidates can appear for either module first. However, we recommend starting with Module 1, as the subjects in Module 1 lay the foundation for the subjects in Module 2. So, if you are serious about clearing the CS Executive exams, consider enrolling in Study At Home’s CS Executive Classes like in this CS Executive CMSL course. Their expert guidance, comprehensive study materials, and proven track record of success can significantly increase your chances of success.

Q. What is the role of CS in capital market?

A. CS plays a multifaceted role in the capital market, ensuring compliance, promoting good governance, protecting investor interests, facilitating corporate actions, and contributing to the overall stability and efficiency of the market. Moreover, their expertise and dedication are indispensable for the smooth functioning of the capital market ecosystem.

Q. What is the law of securities?

A. Securities law is a set of rules for how companies deal with stocks and bonds. It’s essential for aspiring Company Secretaries (CS) as it impacts the capital market and corporate governance, protecting investors from fraud and ensuring fair trading. Hence, for CS students, understanding these rules is crucial for advising companies and ensuring compliance. Study At Home‘s CS Executive CMSL Classes make learning securities law easy, with experienced teachers, clear explanations, and practical skills for CS exams and future careers.


About Faculty

CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor has a lot of experience and wants to help her students excel their exams. She focuses on making sure her students understand the concepts and makes difficult topics easy to understand. She is very good at accounting and finance, and has helped many students do well in school. You can sign up for her class and see how wonderfully she teaches.

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    Loved how Aishwarya ma’am explains concepts in Capital Market & Securities Laws course, easy to understand, must-join!

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