Things a CA Student must know to secure his career

There are a lot of professions but we choose CA because of the dignity in this profession. Every CA student has only one dream that he/she wants to achieve i.e. to become a Chartered Accountant as soon as possible. I really feel very proud of being part of the CA community. There are also certain things that a CA student must know to secure their career. He should analyze the following things to secure his career:

1. Competition in CA: 

If you select CA as a profession then you should consider & know the factor of competition. If you are doing CA then try to analyze the competition in the market. Because of competition the CA course is getting harder & harder every day.

2. Scope of CA: 

You also analyze the scope of CA that it is increasing or decreasing & what will be the scope in the future. You should focus on this point because this point will decide your career.

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3. Addiction to CA Course: 

If you are doing CA then you have to become the CA addict personality. You must love your course & you must respect your course. If you want to achieve something then you must focus only on ‘mission CA’ nothing else.

4. Continuous Updation of Amendment: 

When you are doing CA an important thing that is added in your schedule is considering the regular amendment that is announced by various departments like Income tax, MCA &CBDT etc. You must update your knowledge.

5. Avoidance of Parties:

 CA student is just like “Ascetics”. As an Ascetics you also have to leave all the things & comfort, & Just need to only focus on study. If you want to do CA just give your whole time to this course & avoid the parties.

6. Creating a Huge Network:

 A most important factor you should know about how to handle the client. It will help you after becoming a CA. You will create your network as big as possible so that you can earn vast.

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7. Learn from Failure:

Before entering into CA you had never tasted failure. It may be possible you failed in CA for the first time in life that will hurt you. But you have to learn something new from there & try your level best to clear in CA next attempt.

8. Proper Dress Up:

A CA student must know how to dress themselves to be like a good professional. You should wear proper formals. Because if you wear cheap clothes then it will be disrepute whole the CA community. 

A CA student should analyze the above things to secure his career.

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