Tired of manually updating your spreadsheets?



Make way for endless possibilities.

One tool that brings together flexibility of spreadsheets,
power of databases and built-in integrations with your favorite business apps.
Use it to automate workflows, build custom tools,
collaborate with your teams and organize anything, really.

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Give superpowers to your everyday spreadsheets

It’s as easy as a spreadsheet, but you can mould it into a
powerful database that your teams will love to use. All on day zero.


Create your own custom solution

With over 25+ unique column data types, build your perfect relational database.
Evolve it into a powerful custom solution for your teams
or business with ever increasing capabilities. You’re the pilot of this ship!


Tired of manually updating your spreadsheets?

Connect columns to services, pull data automatically in your table and refresh data in real-time.
Get spreadsheet superpowers and save $$ automating your work!

Connect columns to services


Configure data from explorer


Bring data automatically


Refresh in real-time


Visualize & organize your data, your way


Bring data from your favorite services

Connect your columns to your favorite apps you daily use,
without any coding. Automate and save up to 9 hours each week.


Try Stackby today

Sign up for free and add your whole team


What will you stack by?

Stackby can be used for free with teams of any size. We also offer paid plans,
with additional features, storage and automations.

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