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Unacademy is back with another India’s largest study battle, UNACADEMY COMBAT. It is the most participated competition nationwide. The top educators of the country have designed the questions according to the exam point of view. It includes video solutions at the end of every level. So, level up and start registering in UNACADEMY COMBAT using Unacademy Combat Code for CA- STUDYATHOME.


Unacademy Combat is a live contest formerly an online test. It will evaluate every student on the basis of their performances recorded every week.

How to Register?

Now, let’s discuss how one can participate in India’s largest Scholarship contest:

  1. Initially, download Unacademy learning app available at Play Store.
  2. Now, Register for Unacademy Combat: choosing a combat curated by the best educators. Use Unacademy Combat Code for CAT – STUDYATHOME.
  3. Next, go in for live competition: compete in the challenge prepared according to the exam pattern.
  4. And at last, win Scholarships: Do your best and win a chance to get exciting scholarships. Besides, rewards after every Combat.

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Where & How will you appear for Unacademy Combat?

There are two options: Download Unacademy learning App (Android) or in another case, use any Internet Browser such as Google Chrome. Then, register with your Phone number/Email Address with Unacademy Combat Code for UPSC- STUDYATHOME. Just make sure you have suitable internet connectivity.

Do not miss this opportunity! Here’s why?

  1.  A real-time scoreboard is displayed after every question. To showcase where you stand among other students of the country along with the correct answers.
  2. Also, video solutions of every question discussing in detail.
  3. Winners of the contest will get exciting rewards worth up to INR 50,000 Cash prizes, free Subscription. Including a scholarship/discount on Unacademy Plus Subscription of six months or above, Surprise Lucky Draw Contest etc. To unlock Unacademy Combat, use Unacademy Combat Code for IITJEE- STUDYATHOME.
  4. Do check out the Free Income Tax class on Study At Home YouTube Channel

Some important points:

  • To Enroll, students must follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Participants make sure to register before the time of every contest certainly.
  2. Secondly, existing subscribers of Unacademy Platform can enroll anytime. Non-subscribers may require enrollments.
  3. Lastly, a first-time user and non-subscriber to the Unacademy platform can use Unacademy Combat Code for NEET – STUDYATHOME to register for the Contest(s).
  • The date and time of the competition will be released soon after registrations.
  • There might be different questions according to the syllabus of a particular course.
  • According to the terms & conditions, any participant found using many accounts while participating will be immediately eliminated. Also he/she will not be eligible for any rewards. And surely will not be able to participate in any future events of the platform.

Key elements regarding ranking:

  • Unacademy Team will personally get in touch with the top rankers via email within 7 days. The concerned winners shall response within the period of 7 days. In case of lack of response the prizes will be ceased.  Collection of Prize shall be subject to:
        1. Receipt of a confirmation response from the winners within 7 days of communication.
        2. ID Verification of the candidates such as address, phone number, etc.
  • Rankings will be based on rate, number of correct answers and other uncertain bases as approved by Unacademy. The product function tests Participants based on the speed and accuracy of the answers to display on the Score Panel. In addition, Use Unacademy Combat Code for Class 12 – STUDYATHOME to participate.

After every question, Score Panel shall display the rankings & ratings of each Participant. Eventually, a final Score Panel shall appear with the winners of the Contest(s). No two participants shall have a similar rank.

In short, Rankings should be considered as a result of a mock test. Keeping in mind, it doesn’t reflect the abilities or inabilities of any Participant.

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