How to prepare Income Tax course FREE for CA, CS, CMA, B.Com


If you’re wondering how to prepare for Income Tax course for CA Inter, CS Executive, CMA Inter, BBA, B.Com, M.Com, MBA and Income Tax Practitioner. We have a solution that will make your journey successful.

There is fierce competition everywhere, regardless of the career path you select and you need to devote a great deal of time, effort, and concentration to their preparation if you want to pass these tough exams with flying colours, and if you intend to study for these courses then you must decide whether you will engage in serious study planning and how you will approach the available study material.

In this blog, we will enlighten you with how you can prepare for Income tax course without even spending a rupee.

What is Income Tax?

A government may impose an income tax as a direct tax on the earnings of its people. The central government is required to collect this tax under the Income Tax Act of 1961. Every year, the government can alter the tax rates and income brackets in the Union Budget.

Meaning of Income

Income is not just money received in the form of a paycheck. Additionally, it covers income from house property, corporate earnings, professional rewards, capital gains income, and “revenue from other sources.”

Objective of Income Tax

The main goal of income tax is to reduce inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth as well as to generate income to pay for significant public expenditures. The majority of governmental functions must be paid for by taxes. But it’s not the only objective. In other words, there are certain non-revenue goals for tax policy.

Actually, taxes are used as instrument of economic policy to fulfil the twin goals of better returns and a reduction in inequality, accelerate economic growth and national development, etc.; to bring out a greater degree of equity amongst various tax payer classes; etc.

How to prepare Income Tax course FREE for CA Inter/ CS Executive /CMA Inter, B. Com, BBA, M. Com, MBA and Income Tax Practitioner

If you are appearing for CA Inter/ CS Executive/ CMA Inter, B. Com, BBA, M. Com or MBA Finance then Taxation becomes a very important topic as it’s a subject in which you can easily score very good marks and in order to achieve that Study at Home has taken an initiative to provide full income tax course online free. Yes! its true that its 100% free. Moreover, you have to prepare yourself mentally first that you are not afraid and will do good then checkout the income tax free videos which are available on Study At Home’s Youtube Channel.

Always prepare your own notes and solve as much numericals as you can because it will clear your concepts and boost your confidence too. Moreover, try to remember important sections along with the provisions. It is advised to refer classes provided below in this blog for free as you are taught by CA Raj K Agrawal sir in Free Income Tax Course Online Playlist who has experience and can guide you in the right direction which reduces the chances of any failure while preparing you for the exam.

Important Tips and Strategies for Doing Well in Income Tax Exam 
  1. Firstly, divide whole syllabus of Income Tax into heads and sub-topics
  2. Secondly, allocate time for each head and sub-topic
  3. Furthermore, try to cover each and every topic of the syllabus
  4. Learn relevant sections and provisions to add advantage to your answer writing
  5. Keep solving problems while studying
  6. Go through all the latest amendments and note them
  7. Focus on your presentation too and write neatly
  8. Do not forget to write working notes separately under the head of the same
  9. Write name of assessee and relevant assessment year in your answers
  10. Never forget to mention Head of Income in your full-fledged answers
  11. Try to attempt full question paper and do not take theory questions for granted
Conclusion –

Lastly, with the help of provided income tax classes coupled with practice, you can score very good marks in your income tax portion. So what are you waiting for? Grab this Income tax course online free!

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