Stress – Silent killer of physical and mental health

We will start exercise tomorrow. And that tomorrow never comes. It is most common trait among people with jobs or students with their syllabus to neglect their health and divert all their efforts for their work. The New Year resolution of having a healthy lifestyle ends around February. Physical fitness is almost topic of discussion everywhere but mental fitness is something which is almost neglected.

As a student, planning the future is exciting but it can also be very stressful at times. We may think about what we are going to do after graduation? What type of job will suit us best?

All these chaotic thoughts lead to stress which affects our physical and mental health

By promoting healthier habits we can empower people to make a balance between career and lifestyle choices. Stress comes with a comparison of yourself to others or setting goals that don’t match your skills.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by thoughts of the future as you start planning ahead. First take time to appreciate where you are instead of stressing about future.

A negative mindset will only serve to bring you down and lead to more stress. Try to keep a positive outlook when you think about future plans. Remember you are more than your career path. Everyone is on a different life path, and when you compare yourself to others, you are ignoring you capabilities and struggles. Try not to get discouraged.

Often people do not end up getting their dream job at first this fact also leads them to stress but accepting their reality and working for things they want will help them make their mind relaxed.

COVID era taught us how important it is to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. A lot of people find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle because they don’t schedule anything.

Being a student we spend most of our time on our study table which makes us physically weak and a failed attempt makes us emotionally weak. It’s great to aim high and set your sights on something, the future-focused mentality is actually no use in the present. Instead, it’s the habits you have and your commitment to hitting the mark, that count the most.

An uncompromising attitude about fitness and career will help you have a good lifestyle. There is an undeniable connection between fitness and success, exercise enhances your physical and mental state, which lifts up all other areas of your life as well.

– Aarti Maurya

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